Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to the future

It's been a little over three weeks since my birthday and I'm just sitting down and... breathe Mafe, breathe.
I'm old man, I'm getting old. I'm an old hag pretending to be 10.

Working AGAIN and studying simple things AGAIN has been

Working as an baby-independent-contractor it's super hard but great. Sleepless nights learning and writing about river port/front design, bicycle paths, drivier's psycology and non-motorized-transportation is making me a little crazier than before but I'm a truly happy camper.

Being a professor has been as fun as I remembered and beyond... add to the fact that now I'm the boss... "You're the boss! You speak, we do". I'm still trying to fit that itty bitty part into my brain.
I'm a big girl now, not just pretending.

I'm taking French classes AGAIN every saturday morning and... ugh, even though I don't like to wake up early I'm on time, and I have all my books, dictionary and new French literature loaded into my Kindle since the moment I got my hands on the syllabus.
I'm a geek, sue me.

I'm not playing Racquetball anymore, I'm playing Tennis AGAIN, learning Squash, swimming a mile and a half twice a week AGAIN, and biking every Sunday AGAIN. I traded one little thing for everything else.

Birthday wishes? All of them!

When my sisters asked me how big a party I wanted for my birthday all I said was: "I just want you guys, that's all I want this year. It's been too long since we spend a birthday together, I want my family".
And so it was, my parents, my sisters, brothers-in-law, uncles, aunts, cousins... my entire family was here, just like when I was 10.

We're back to the future: one day, my family took me out for a drive and we ended up at a bike shop where a funky dude was waiting for me to help desing a bike, JUST FOR ME!!
The frame, colors, steer, breaks--- I chose every little detail and, a week later, Maya was home: a beautiful black hybrid with bright yellow rims and pedals that looks like a little bee was all mine.
I couldn't believe it, I got a bike for my birthday, just like when I was 10... AGAIN!

How do I know she's gorgeus? people stare at her, I took her to a food fair and some guys asked my permission to take her pictures. Little boys and girls stopped, stared and said things like: "you have a really cool bike", "where did you buy your bike?", "mom, I want a bike like that one". 
I'm a bike diva now.

Yeah, right.

My parents wanted to keep celebrating during the weekend:
- What do you want to do Nana?
- Let's go... fly a kite!!
I know, their faces were as flat as yours, I'm sure.
I wanted to fly a kite, I love kites and I lost mine in NJ. August is the windiest month of the year here so don't be surprised if you find families and friends going to a park, bbq'ing, camping and yes, flying their kites.
So, my sister got one and we drove an hour away from the city to a little plainfield and flew a kite... for hours. Just like when I was 10. AGAIN!

Am I an old hag pretending to be 10?

From the way I see it, I'm not pretending to be young... I'm being as young as I can be.