Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've became one of those people who has absolutely everything scheduled and planned.
Every minute of every hour of my days is planned.
Meetings, classes, reading, writing, emailing, seeing my family... my family is part of my schedule, wtf?!?!

My phone is my assistant. Even thought I have an Secretary, a very nice lady, I can't live without my phone.

(I'm blogging while I drink my 5.30PM coffee, leaving the office early today is not a plan)

Every day I'm feeling more distance between Mr. Big and me, and that makes me sad, I don't he can't understand how sad it feels.
Trying to see Prof. Max Power has been impossible... I'm getting worried. That can't be good, how are we supposed to finish our research projects if we can't work together??

The only good thing is, I'm happily busy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So... this happened

About 2 weeks ago the Earth shook... and it was HARD.
It was considerably stronger that the last one I experienced, back in 2011 while living in New Jersey.

I was having coffee at an outdoor terrace with a friend, we were taking a break. I had a meeting in a couple of minutes and she was almost done with classes.

As we felt the first bang, we just stepped away from the building, coffee in hand and walked to the lab, where some of our students were performing tremor frequency simulations (oops!!!).
I walked into the lab, laughting and said "Duuuuudes! what did you do!?!?!? no extra cookie points for that!!!"

Anyway, thinking back on that afternoon, I realized I had a couple of things on my mind while everything was shaking:
My sister's all by herself... on the 15th floor. She must've felt something really funky upthere.
Thank goodness the lady that cleans my apartment is not home today, she'd be crying out loud by now.
Why are those girls screaming so loud? it's not THAT bad. Can anyone say: Drama Queens?
Mmmmm... interesting, the coffee sign is moving side by side, the shoking wave came from the North.
Heeeeey! CNN is tweeting about his... it's the first time I'm part of a trending topic. Famous much???

I realized I wasn't scared, or shaken.  I saw people crying, calling home... jamming the lines.
I sent a text to my family "I'm ok".
My sister replied: It was horrible!!!!!!!

Later that night when I got home, I found a cracks on the walls, the terrace door wide open and a couple of little things from high shelves on the floor.

Did my brainless geeky-brain saved me from being petrified? Maybe?

So... that happened.

Not the same

"I'm trying to understand you again", my mom said the other night.



I've been talking about this weird stuff to one of my closets friends, she came back home after living in France for a few years.

It's because you're not the same, she said.
Neither are you, I replied.
I knooooooow gurl!!

We're both going through the same things, similar thoughts, similar cultural and mommy shocks...

Yeap, I'm not the same, a piece of me died a few years ago and I don't think it's coming back.
Fortunately for me, I think it's a part of my heart I don't need anymore... the part where I care for others more than I care for myself.

Call me selfish, call me narcissistic, call me mean.
Call me a bitch. It ain't happenin' any time soon.

Don't like it? don't let the door hit you in the back on the way out.