Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've became one of those people who has absolutely everything scheduled and planned.
Every minute of every hour of my days is planned.
Meetings, classes, reading, writing, emailing, seeing my family... my family is part of my schedule, wtf?!?!

My phone is my assistant. Even thought I have an Secretary, a very nice lady, I can't live without my phone.

(I'm blogging while I drink my 5.30PM coffee, leaving the office early today is not a plan)

Every day I'm feeling more distance between Mr. Big and me, and that makes me sad, I don't he can't understand how sad it feels.
Trying to see Prof. Max Power has been impossible... I'm getting worried. That can't be good, how are we supposed to finish our research projects if we can't work together??

The only good thing is, I'm happily busy.

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