Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Roomie talk (iv)

I just listen, everything she says is wise:

- And then I told my EX: dude! chill! the world is such a fun place... with our without you... well... specially without you, but chill!!

- What do you mean I'm going to hell?? My thing is purgat--- wait, mayb--- and if we don't count the time I... never mind, I'm going to hell.

- That guy's caaah- ute! A funny guy is a sexy guy. Don't you think?
- Sure... and being F***** HOT helps as well."

Mr. big: You girls are sooooooo going to hell!
- See you there!!"

- If you ever needed a reason to love Canada... Ryan Gosling.

- Reality check: who do we know that's available and looks like Ryan G??
- Mmmmm?? I don't think we know anyone like THAT.
- Fuuuuuck! I feel so sorry for my existence!!!

[calling a guy, making him think he MUST throw a party at his place]
- Mafecita!!! aren't we amazing? we organized a party in five minutes!!!
- We are so--- wait --- we? ... we???? ... WE?!?!?!?!
- Fine, I'm amazing... 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Next stop: COLOMBIA

I'm off... going home for business doesn't sound fun or believable.

Well I am.

I'm going to renew my visa before "the man" founds out it was expired (don't worry, my school papers are fine so I'm fine).
I'm going to present my findings at a conference.
I'll teach a class an the Master's... or is it another type of thing? somewhere else.
I'll see some people that may help me with my research and possible job opportunities.

I'll see my family as much as possible and eat as many goodies I can without losing my new acquired and amaaaaah-zing killer shape.

See some friends and some not-so-friendly people I need to see.

I'm off.

Good luck to me.