Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Roomie talk (iv)

I just listen, everything she says is wise:

- And then I told my EX: dude! chill! the world is such a fun place... with our without you... well... specially without you, but chill!!

- What do you mean I'm going to hell?? My thing is purgat--- wait, mayb--- and if we don't count the time I... never mind, I'm going to hell.

- That guy's caaah- ute! A funny guy is a sexy guy. Don't you think?
- Sure... and being F***** HOT helps as well."

Mr. big: You girls are sooooooo going to hell!
- See you there!!"

- If you ever needed a reason to love Canada... Ryan Gosling.

- Reality check: who do we know that's available and looks like Ryan G??
- Mmmmm?? I don't think we know anyone like THAT.
- Fuuuuuck! I feel so sorry for my existence!!!

[calling a guy, making him think he MUST throw a party at his place]
- Mafecita!!! aren't we amazing? we organized a party in five minutes!!!
- We are so--- wait --- we? ... we???? ... WE?!?!?!?!
- Fine, I'm amazing... 

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