Thursday, August 22, 2013

La Casa - The House

I dreamed about this song a couple of weeks ago... which is funny because last weekend I found an old iPod that's been sitting on a drawer for months now and this song was one of the few there.

This is useless. Here comes a sleepless night...

I'll have to sell this house,
because every single person that walks by
asks me about her owner.
I'm going to sell it cheap,
I don't need it anymore,
I have a new one.

I'll sell it cheap.
I only think how long it stood,
the sacrifices we went through, all the pain.
How did that ungrateful woman with no feelings walked-away?
Leaving our love nest to die?

I feel young, still.
The pain will not defeat me.
I know God takes care of men,
and I swear on my own name,
I'll overcome this.

I need find myself a young girl,
that doesn't know what happened and learns to love me. 
That understands that a ring is not necessary anymore,
that marriage is not the only key to joy.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smokin' destiny

Today I drove pass by the place I used to live a couple of years ago, it was in flames.
It felt... weird.
I should've seen it coming.
It should've happen a couple of months ago as a warning sign.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lucrecia'ing (i)

Listen sweetheart... you know I love you, right?
The fact that we spent Winter and Spring riding 20 miles twice a week shows how much I love you.

I know the accident two months ago was 100% my fault. I know, I know, I know... I KNOOOOOOW!!!!
Let's face it, MY face took all the shock and, well... yours didn't.
As you can see I've been wearing my helmet every single time we get together.

I know I shorten your name, but trust me, having ONE name will make your life simpler.
Big gave your sister Leia a key chain so she could be twinsies with her brother Luke, can't blame them.
It's not my fault Big doesn't ride a bike so he doesn't have a brother for you... but you see? you're unique!!

Luke belongs to Mr Big.
Leia's mine.

I know these past weeks I've been driving Leia more than I've been riding you, but listen sweetie, it's not you or her, it's me. It's all me.
Going to work at 7.30am may be cool for both of us but leaving the lab at 1 in the morning the next day is not only not healthy for me, but dangerous for you and me both.
Yes, we got you some cute blinking lights that make you look like a Christmas tree with wheels but it's not you, it's the riding by myself late at night that creeps me out.

I promise this week I'll leave the lab before 10pm so we can leave together and have some girl time, deal?

To make things up, I'll get you that ladybug bell we saw on-line the other day. I promise.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A broken girl from another planet

I call one of my closest friends: "Martian sister", and she calls me "Baby martian". She's 2 years older than I am hence, the baby part.

We went to college together; then she and her husband moved to Cincinnati, then I joined them and we became a family.
They were like my older brother and sister. Now they're back in Colombia and I'm not.

I miss them.

For my birthday she TXT'd me, send me pics of her kitties. Later that day we talked and...

Are you sitting down baby Martian? I have something to tell you.
Don't scare me. Are you ok?
I have a new marital status.
What are you talking about?
What the fuck?!?!?!?!
Yeah, I know.
Are you ok?
As ok as I can be... not like you, I'm sure.
You're still feeling, aching, hurting... in love maybe?
I don't know gurl. An information overflow rebooted the system.
See? you're still recovering from last year. Me? I don't know.
And we are different because...
I'm broken.
I don't feel anything. I'm broken. I'm not in love anymore, or sad, or... or anything. I'm sleeping better because I think I'm ok with all this being over. I don't feel anything so I believe I'm broken.
You're not broken. Every relationship is different. It's chemistry. That's all.
But you know what I really miss?
He was my best friend. He's the one I told all my secrets and fears, and stupid stories. We have so many inside jokes it's horribly annoying! I trusted him with my life and my mind on a heartbeat. He was a pushing and pulling force me when needed, but most of the time he was just by my side. He was the best adviser. I miss talking with him... Oh man!! I miss THAT, I miss our talks!! I miss my best friend.
We're not different then.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Facts of life... so far.

I've been "under the knife" ONE time.
I have TWO gorgeous, super smart and funny sisters whom I admire and adore.
Last month, when I smashed my face, I got THREE stitches on my eyebrow.
Officially, I've lived in FOUR different US states.
I have FIVE blogs, but only write on 2 of them.
I've live in SIX different houses/apartments in Cincinnati.
My nuclear family has SEVEN people (6 + Mafe)
I have EIGHT nieces and nephews. None of them are my sisters' children. Just friends'.
It's been NINE months since I last spoke to a former friend I'm willing to move a "mountain" for  :'(
My car's mechanic gave me TEN cookies as a reward for "Ingenuity under flat tire distress".
My parent's live in a loft-like apartment on the ELEVEN-th floor.
I made frozen yogurt popsicles once and ate TWELVE on a weekend. Didn't share. No regrets.
I left Mr. Big at the airport THIRTEEN days ago. I cried. I always cry when we say good-bye.
Last year I went to Colombia for FOURTEEN days. Work related.
I've had FIFTEEN roommates so far. Not because of annoyance, people move on.
SIXTEEN must be number of times I've cut my hair (wtf?!?) fixing the band-aid on my scar.
I blocked or unfriended SEVENTEEN people on Facebook before closing my profile.
Recently I got a bag of EIGHTEEN Chocorramitos from a friend's mom [20 - 2 eaten by my friend].
I went to a Spa NINETEEN months ago to clear my head but it didn't do anything.
I've lost TWENTY kilos (44 lbs) in the last nineteen months.
I have TWENTY-ONE boards on Pinterest and I feel super girly about them.
I've listened to TWENTY-TWO audio-books in the last 18 months... ok... TWENTY-THREE.
I've been re-projecting GIS layers for my thesis for TWENTY-FOUR f**ing days.
I was TWENTY-FIVE when my grandma died. I didn't cry.
TWENTY-SIX... 's just a number.
One hour and TWENTY-SEVEN minutes has been my longest phone call this past week.
Today, I have two-hundred and TWENTY-EIGHT followers on Twitter.
I was TWENTY-NINE the first time I went to Chicago.
I've known my BFF for THIRTY years.
I have THIRTY-ONE videos on my Hulu queue: J.Stewart, S.Colbert, DDD and The Awesomes'.
It's been about THIRTY-TWO days since I touched my knitting needles and hooks.
I've known my longest childhood friend for THIRTY-THREE years. Met as toddlers? yes!!
For my THIRTY-FOUR-th birthday bash I got a Latin band and an entire bar for one night.
Turning THIRTY-FIVE today doesn't feel bad at all.