Monday, August 5, 2013

Facts of life... so far.

I've been "under the knife" ONE time.
I have TWO gorgeous, super smart and funny sisters whom I admire and adore.
Last month, when I smashed my face, I got THREE stitches on my eyebrow.
Officially, I've lived in FOUR different US states.
I have FIVE blogs, but only write on 2 of them.
I've live in SIX different houses/apartments in Cincinnati.
My nuclear family has SEVEN people (6 + Mafe)
I have EIGHT nieces and nephews. None of them are my sisters' children. Just friends'.
It's been NINE months since I last spoke to a former friend I'm willing to move a "mountain" for  :'(
My car's mechanic gave me TEN cookies as a reward for "Ingenuity under flat tire distress".
My parent's live in a loft-like apartment on the ELEVEN-th floor.
I made frozen yogurt popsicles once and ate TWELVE on a weekend. Didn't share. No regrets.
I left Mr. Big at the airport THIRTEEN days ago. I cried. I always cry when we say good-bye.
Last year I went to Colombia for FOURTEEN days. Work related.
I've had FIFTEEN roommates so far. Not because of annoyance, people move on.
SIXTEEN must be number of times I've cut my hair (wtf?!?) fixing the band-aid on my scar.
I blocked or unfriended SEVENTEEN people on Facebook before closing my profile.
Recently I got a bag of EIGHTEEN Chocorramitos from a friend's mom [20 - 2 eaten by my friend].
I went to a Spa NINETEEN months ago to clear my head but it didn't do anything.
I've lost TWENTY kilos (44 lbs) in the last nineteen months.
I have TWENTY-ONE boards on Pinterest and I feel super girly about them.
I've listened to TWENTY-TWO audio-books in the last 18 months... ok... TWENTY-THREE.
I've been re-projecting GIS layers for my thesis for TWENTY-FOUR f**ing days.
I was TWENTY-FIVE when my grandma died. I didn't cry.
TWENTY-SIX... 's just a number.
One hour and TWENTY-SEVEN minutes has been my longest phone call this past week.
Today, I have two-hundred and TWENTY-EIGHT followers on Twitter.
I was TWENTY-NINE the first time I went to Chicago.
I've known my BFF for THIRTY years.
I have THIRTY-ONE videos on my Hulu queue: J.Stewart, S.Colbert, DDD and The Awesomes'.
It's been about THIRTY-TWO days since I touched my knitting needles and hooks.
I've known my longest childhood friend for THIRTY-THREE years. Met as toddlers? yes!!
For my THIRTY-FOUR-th birthday bash I got a Latin band and an entire bar for one night.
Turning THIRTY-FIVE today doesn't feel bad at all.

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  1. Uy no maraca. A qué hora se pasaron 30 años. Vale egg, no se nos notan.


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