Monday, July 22, 2013

Snappy stitches

The stitches are off. My face will now start to heal.
The doctor put some sort of glue to keep my forehead from falling apart and some tape to protect the wound. The tape is supposed to come off by itself, or dissolve... or something like that.
I can smile again, I can make funny faces again. It doesn't itch anymore!! YAY!!!
I haven't had time to feel sad or lonely, and ALSO Mr B's visiting this week.

And of course, my lovely guy-friends have gone the extra mile to make me feel less... horrible (?):

Mr. Big:
- Who told you stopping cars with your forehead was fun?
- So nice of you to break your face before I visit!! Any other fun plans??
- Expecto Patronuuuummmmmmmm!!!!

Mr. M:
- Parce, I told you being vain was going to kill you one of these days... but I was not trying to be literal!
- Hey scarface!! Say hello my little friend...
- Were you auditioning for "Face Off 2: Petite Mafe's revenge"?  Did you get the part?

El Gringo:
- Awwwwwwwww.... Voldermot got you? Did that evil dude broke your wand? Bad Voldemort! Bad Voldemort!
- Should I spread the word about "The girl with the lighting bolt scar on her forehead"?
- See you at the sorting hat ceremony. Which house do you want to join?
- Griffind--
- Planning, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering... Math...

My friendly-Pharma-PhD expert:
- Well... your face doesn't look that bad.
- THAT bad?!?!
- I'll find you something from our lab to help you erase that scar ----
- Dude! can't your company make something less stinky?
- Do you want to go back to normal or not!
- I do, but apparently going back to having a "decent" face is not going to be aroma-therapeutic.
- Don't be a drama queen. You're beautiful... you're beautiful... it's true...
- Yeah, yeah...

P&T (6 year-old twisted twins):
- What are those things on your face? Can we touc--
- Nooooooooooooooo!!! My stitchessssssss!!
- When we fall, mom takes us out for ice cream. C'mon, we'll take you!
- You're tooooo sweet! Give me a minute, I need to put on some make-up on before going out.
- You don't need make up, you're a pretty girl!!
- Awwww... thank you!
- Yeah... well... except your black eye and nose, your scratched cheeks, that thing on your forehead... THOSE need make up.

Pablito (my 3 year-old boyfriend):
- Mommy and Daddy told me about your boo-boo.
- What did they say?
- Daddy said you fell on your bike and cried. I can give you a kiss and make it all better.
- I love you Pablito...
- I love you more.

[nothing hurts anymore, that was all my boo-boo needed]

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