Monday, January 21, 2013

Forgive and forget

Can you really forgive if you don't forget?

Well, I can.

Last week, this dude I knew told me "I forgot how much fun we had together... "

Yeah, yeah, NOW you remember!
I thought you knew it. I did.

Someone once told me I have the memory of an elephant, and "elephants never forget", which is good for nice things like fun memories, but it's not so good for, well, bad memories... the last ones are great sources of migraines and Calcium.
Calcium, because you get so tense you start biting your own teeth while you sleep and THEN you need veneers. Yeah, I have those. Ugh!

Anyway, after a couple of years of not seeing each other, we ended up having lunch and coffee and it's nice. Out of the blue he remembers how fun we used to be together so... maybe we can... you know... reconsider our "acquaintance"?

Nooooo man, thanks! you and me? friends, that's it.
Don't tell me you still hate me...
Nahhh, I never hated you, I forgave you a long time ago. I just can't forget what you did to me.

Apparently, my brain forgives, but my heart doesn't forget.
And well, if that makes me a bitch, so be it. I'm tired of trying to make people happy and comfortable, if you don't like it, it's your lose. Not mine, My minds made up and it's really hard to change her will.

On the other hand, if saying NO to a guy who's "low hanging fruit" is one of the things every woman under 35 has to do, there it goes - CHECK!! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dancing naked with the blinds open

I love to swim, I like that feeling. Floating, nothing holding me but my own strength.
Swimming feels like flying. I'm free.
The feeling of freedom is amazing.

I love to dance, even though I'm not sure I'm that good a dancer but I love it... well... no complaints on that area either, thank you very much for asking.

Have you ever been home alone, and turned the music up and jumped, sang, danced as loud and as funky as you can because... well... nobody's watching you? Yeah, I do that [... a lot!].

Now, what if you danced... naked?
That "yay! freeeee!" feeling  would be multiplied by a MILLION, wouldn't it?
But wait... what if someone IS watching you? would you stop dancing, ran to the closet, get dressed, shut the blinds and never do it again?
How big an exhibitionist are you? would you still do it?

What if you were on a skycrapper, no other buildings around... would you dance naked with the blinds open?
Only people with telescopes or on a helicopter would be able to see you, would you still do it?

I feel like dancing and swimming when I write. I'm rambling stupid thoughts from my the bottom of my heart.
Now that I'm doing it in English, I can let those things inside of me that I don't tell anyone but I need to get out of my soul (oooohhhh... so... so... cheesy?) loose, and guess what? no one's looking!
I can write whatever I want... and no one's looking!

In the beginning, I created this new blog to practice my writing, to gather feedback about what I want to say and the way I said it.

I thought it was going to be like my first blog, baby #1... and give me back the same kind of experience: comments, cameos, video-blogs, photo-blogs, travels, interviews, awards, a bunch of new friends all over the world and--- hey--- THAT was one fun baby!
RIP baby. Sorry baby.

Blog-baby #2 started as a sad pathetic excuse to breathe... and then love died. I'm not going to write about my past anymore, what for? it's dead. It's gone.
Now, that baby is under a serious make-over and the sad depressing stories were put aside and it's becoming more fun as time passes. Some of the readers from baby#1 found him and well, I'm a happy momma.

So... now... my dearest none existing audience, just in case you didn't know, you're reading baby #3.

She's my adopted savage girl from another country that doesn't know what to say, or how to say it but will blurt it out anyway. She doesn't know the meaning of the word "boundary" because she doesn't speak the language, she can say whatever she wants and it will make her happy.

She's happy, she's free, she's on fire.

She dances naked with the blinds open and she doesn't care.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby talk (part deux)

Because some of my students are babies as well...

Me: What's your major?
Him: Engineering...
Me: mmm... duuude, that's the name of the building we're in!! I mean... WHICH Engineering, my little puppet?
Him: oohhh... civil!! [insert stupid smirk here]
Me: Why is that funny?
Him: Well, the word Engineering usually makes girls go "Ooohhh".
Me: Funny thing, for me, it scares guys away so... whatever.
Him: Maybe you're looking for the wrong kind of man [insert an even stupid---er smirk here]
Me: Ummm... eww?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh my God Mafe!!! are you pregnant?!?!?!

- Ummm... nope.
- How can you be so sure?
- Well... you need to practice "certain" activities to ACHIEVE pregnancy. I haven't been involved in any of those so... If I am, it'll be a Christmas Miracle!!
- Then how can you explain you being sick??
- It's called fooooooood poisoning.

So yeah, Happy New Year!

2013 started with a fancy and extremely glamorous food poisoning for me.

I was supposed to be the 2nd driver from Washington DC to Cincinnati, I drove 3 hours and then I died: food poisoning from a New Year's day breakfast at my cousin's house threw me in the back seat white as a paper sheet and screaming for a restroom every one and a half hours.

Oh yeah, I'm oh-so-fancy!

Happy New Year!!

There's a Colombian belief that says that the way you start the year it'll be the way your year goes. Apparently, on 2013 I'll become either anorexic or bulimic.

Not funny, I know, my funny bone is sleeping right now.

Current status: I'm laying in bed, with a full body ache, hungry and thinking what can I eat that won't upset my already furiously and very angry but completely empty guts.

Happy New Year!! 
I wish your 2013 started 
as "shaken" as mine.

2013 will be a year of new
opportunities for me... a new life!!