Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Oh my God Mafe!!! are you pregnant?!?!?!

- Ummm... nope.
- How can you be so sure?
- Well... you need to practice "certain" activities to ACHIEVE pregnancy. I haven't been involved in any of those so... If I am, it'll be a Christmas Miracle!!
- Then how can you explain you being sick??
- It's called fooooooood poisoning.

So yeah, Happy New Year!

2013 started with a fancy and extremely glamorous food poisoning for me.

I was supposed to be the 2nd driver from Washington DC to Cincinnati, I drove 3 hours and then I died: food poisoning from a New Year's day breakfast at my cousin's house threw me in the back seat white as a paper sheet and screaming for a restroom every one and a half hours.

Oh yeah, I'm oh-so-fancy!

Happy New Year!!

There's a Colombian belief that says that the way you start the year it'll be the way your year goes. Apparently, on 2013 I'll become either anorexic or bulimic.

Not funny, I know, my funny bone is sleeping right now.

Current status: I'm laying in bed, with a full body ache, hungry and thinking what can I eat that won't upset my already furiously and very angry but completely empty guts.

Happy New Year!! 
I wish your 2013 started 
as "shaken" as mine.

2013 will be a year of new
opportunities for me... a new life!!


  1. Ah no jodás... te había escrito un comentario todo chevere y hasta en inglés y todo... pero esta pendejada no deja comentar con usuario / url...

  2. To be pregonant you have to engage in some activities that you have not? . . . . . . Que falta de confianza, cuando quiera mami se le hace la vuelta. :p


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