Saturday, August 10, 2013

A broken girl from another planet

I call one of my closest friends: "Martian sister", and she calls me "Baby martian". She's 2 years older than I am hence, the baby part.

We went to college together; then she and her husband moved to Cincinnati, then I joined them and we became a family.
They were like my older brother and sister. Now they're back in Colombia and I'm not.

I miss them.

For my birthday she TXT'd me, send me pics of her kitties. Later that day we talked and...

Are you sitting down baby Martian? I have something to tell you.
Don't scare me. Are you ok?
I have a new marital status.
What are you talking about?
What the fuck?!?!?!?!
Yeah, I know.
Are you ok?
As ok as I can be... not like you, I'm sure.
You're still feeling, aching, hurting... in love maybe?
I don't know gurl. An information overflow rebooted the system.
See? you're still recovering from last year. Me? I don't know.
And we are different because...
I'm broken.
I don't feel anything. I'm broken. I'm not in love anymore, or sad, or... or anything. I'm sleeping better because I think I'm ok with all this being over. I don't feel anything so I believe I'm broken.
You're not broken. Every relationship is different. It's chemistry. That's all.
But you know what I really miss?
He was my best friend. He's the one I told all my secrets and fears, and stupid stories. We have so many inside jokes it's horribly annoying! I trusted him with my life and my mind on a heartbeat. He was a pushing and pulling force me when needed, but most of the time he was just by my side. He was the best adviser. I miss talking with him... Oh man!! I miss THAT, I miss our talks!! I miss my best friend.
We're not different then.


  1. A las mujeres les suele suceder que al crecer dejan a los amigos por estar con la pareja, luego cuando pasa un divorcio o algo parecido, al no tener mas amigos por dejarlos olvidados, y al no tener al MAS amigo por la separación se sienten muy solas.

  2. Estos es una plaga o esta de modo, porque todo el mundo esta pasando por la misma vaina.

    Que mamera.


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