Saturday, December 22, 2012

Home for Christmas

Well... no, I couldn't make it to Colombia for the Holidays.
My adviser wasn't happy when I went there for a conference two months ago, I knew leaving again may be contra-productive for my thesis and my graduation so... "me no go nowhere".
My parents and my sister will soon be on their way to Argentina and my other sister will be on her way to another city for New Year's... they made plans and I was supposed to go with them but I had to cancel at the last minute.

To be honest, I didn't want to spend all these family days by myself, surrounded by strangers or people that didn't understand the meaning of family. I was... ugh! I need a "loaned" family"!!!

I'm lucky I have that family now, even though I can't be with my real real family, my adoptive family has stepped up to the plate and has promised to surround me with new amazing and happy memories.

Do you know how people say "make yourself at home" when you arrive at their house? well, for me it's "you know where your room is, go unpack and come and help fix lunch!"

I'm lucky. I'll spend Christmas with Mr. Big and New Year's with my uncle and his wife (Tito and Tita).

Mr. Big, is my best-est friend, he's my big brother, my cousin, my boyfriend, my husband... everything in one person. I already told him "You are the most amazing fu%^&*& bad-ass of a friend I could ask for".
He saved my life, literally. I'll never be able to pay him back all he has done for me.

Tito is my dad's cousin and Tita's his wife. When I'm home with them I'm another daughter. I have a room, family duties, a car and a place at the table. Their granddaughters call me Nani... having sleepovers with those 4 little monsters was just what I needed to start the new year happy.

I'm home. I am definitely home!

I'm happy.

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