Monday, December 17, 2012

Tiny ego boosts

It's been four days since I closed my other blog and it's still making me smile.

Real people telling me how much they liked my stories and how fun they all sounded. I got fan mail!

People living out of their countries that felt connected with my crazy thoughts.
Others thought my stories started as fiction but realized they were real by the time my life crumbled and I decided to leave the blog-sphere in January.

I don't know how'd they found my email address because that information is supposed to be confidential [can you say creepers?... Bah! creep away my babies!!]

Interestingly enough, all those emails were from people that used to read my blog, but never left comments.
How many of those are on this one? helloooooo... can you read me!?!?!?!?

So anyway, creeped-out and all, it was a little ego boost and I decided to add a literary bullet to the "Smurfette gets a life" list. There are a few people in this world that like to read what I write so... what if... well... one of these days... [sigh]... we can all dream.

Funny. There was one message where someone said I should look for that "handsome dude with the pretty eyes" I mentioned in a couple of posts and ask him out.

Been there. Done that. Failed.

That one is dead now, only one post survived the debacle.

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