Monday, February 11, 2013

One night

That's all it took for me to see you in a different way.

One night talking about you and me, talking about being happy, about being important.
One night sharing stories.
One night being serious and being funny. Being children and adults.
One night when I felt "worshiped"... yeah, before you said it, I felt it.
One short night.

On that night your arms became the coziest place in the entire world.
I heard your voice as the soothing sound I needed.
I felt you warmth even though the cold wind was chilling the Universe.
I felt your hand holding mine, taking me to a place I wanted to be.
I felt your heart... beating... beating... beating.

One night, that's all it took for me to find you.
Did you find me?

One night, that's all it took for us to destroy it.

I miss you T.

I really do.

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