Monday, October 14, 2013

Everyday is Halloween

Hey bonita, do you have time for coffee?
Sure dude. You ok?
Yes. I've been meaning to talk to you about something.
Wait... we've never had coffee in the 8 years we know each other. Don't scare me.


It's about you-know-who. I think you need to hear these news from a friend.
Ok friend. Shoot.
Someone told me [insert really uncomfortable news here]
Oh!... oh...... I knew that. 
YOU DID?!?!?!
I just knew.
Oh no... now you're making sad puppy eyes... I didn't mean to!! I'm sorry!
I don't... It's... I... I can'... It's... [sigh] What can I do, huh?
Mafe, what happened?
What do you mean?
HE went 180, YOU went 180. You're two different people, unrecognizable.
You are not sweet-cute-funny-little-Mafe anymore. You're... I don't know. Different.
Different? How?
When you came back last year, all of us "macho men" took you as our sad, broken, recently divorced sister-in-law who we were supposed to take care of. You were so fragile...
Now? well... the fun smart-ass hot single aunt the kids want to be with and the "macho men" want to take out. Sometimes sexy, sometimes scary...
What do you want me to say... I'm flattered?
And you should be!! What about my broken sister-in-law? is she gone for good?
She's sitting right in front of you. She dresses-up as a smart-ass hot single aunt for family functions... and to go to work everyday.

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