Saturday, December 7, 2013

Yakamatsu (vii)

I swear, I am NOT making any of this shit up.

Did you hear?? Nelson Mandela died!!!
I saw that, yes!
Do you know who Nelson Mandela was?
[Oh fuck! am I being tested?!?!] Ummm... SouthAfrican president - Apartheid - Racism - Prisioner... Ummm...
REALLY? I thought he was a singer.
[Jaw. to. the. floor]

Lunch, next day:

Did you hear about the World Cup draw?
World Cup... do mean soccer??
Not really, I'm not into sports, I prefer to read about news of the world.
[Suuuuuuuuuuuuure you do... pffffff!!!!]
The World Cup... they'll play before New Year's in Australia, right? 
[I think I'll lose my jaw to all the "flooring"] 
What about it?
[And now, to ensure my ticket to Beelzebub's fire pit...] Do you want to hear something sad?
Oh no!!!... what?!?!
Nelson Mandela was going to sing at the opening ceremony.
Oh noooooo!!! poor guy!!


  1. It is incredible how far science had gone, now, it is possible for a human beings to be alive without a brain!
    It seemed so impossible before!

    1. I think I woke up my neighbors with all the ROTFLMAO!!!!

      You're my gal Mrs. Lolo :)


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