Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why do I exercise?

0-3 years old: huh?
3-12: Swimming is funnnnnn!!
13-16: I have to, I don't want to fail PhyEd and my mom is dragging me to tennis lessons... ugh!
17-22: Now I want to be a badass tennis player.
23-27: I'm a yuppy and that's what we do, I want to fit the clothes I can afford now.
28-33: He drags me to the gym every-single-f***ing-day.
33-34: I just lost a TON of weight. I want to look good into any piece of rag I try on.
35+: I want to look good naked.


  1. Ya vamos en naked? Yo había entendido que la meta -compartida con yosola- era el bikini.
    Qué dirá Pepita Mendieta, que horrorsh... jajaja.

    1. Es cuestión de logística: el bikini en invierno no pega ni en Sochi. En cambio la empelotada es de todos los días antes, durante y después de la ducha.
      Si me pongo a esperar al verano me engordo!! :P


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