Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And now, a sad story

I've been having some weird dreams lately.

I've seen this kid I used to hung out with, sick. Hospital bed SICK, So sick his grandma called me and asked me to visit him. I woke up before I even got a chance to know what was going on.
I've seen myself robbing a house (wait---- WHAT?)
I've seen children crying by a lake.
I've seen a weird birthday celebration that became a ninja fight that took me to a farmer's market (what the deuce?!?!) just like the ones with the giant chicken from Family Guy.


None of those dreams warned me about tonight's call.

Tito, my lended dad from DC, is suffering from something the doctors aren't sure exactly what it is he's all the symptoms of a stroke without the chemical damage in his brain. He's dizzy, he's memory is failing and he's sleepy most of the time.
When we called him, he recognized our voices immediately, he's aware of everything that is going on.

My ignorant non-medical brain thinks that's a good thing, I guess.
He knows about his therapies and the medicines he needs, but at the same time he's aware of what Tita's going through, his son and daugthers... and my little monsters.

Today was the first day I wished with all my heart to be somewhere else but home.

I wanted to be at my other home.

I wanted to help, or just to keep them company, to be there the same way they kept me company, spoiled me when I needed to smile, gave me shelter when my life was falling apart and kept my secrets when I knew I would be judged anywhere else.

I need a... something to take me there.

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