Sunday, November 1, 2015

I'm getting f***ng old, man

Turns out working is making me sick.
The work I looooove... is making me sick.

I never imagined I'd be one of those people who went to the doctor and got a "Vertigo due to work stress"... and a doctor's tsk-tsk face.
He said I need a day off, I said NO.

I had a full week off when I went to Mexico two weeks ago, I said.
I really? and why did you go there?
I went to a conference... I had a couple of presentations, a meeting, a workshop and...
So, work.
Not really, I rode a bike a couple of times...
I know that's part of your work.
I went out with friends...
How many days were you there and how many hours did you do NOTHING?
8 days... a few.
How many weekends have you "worked from home" (he did the airbunnies thingie) the last 11 months?
Ummmm... the last... ummmm... 4 times 11 is... 40?
That's it little girl. You're grounded. No more working weekends for you!!

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