Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clap and whistle

Here's a thought Mr. Man,

The fact that we were introduced a couple of years ago,
the fact that we run in the same circle of friends,
the fact that we speak the same language,
the fact that you are a... meh, decent dancer,
the fact that you didn't even know my name when I was a size 12, but a size 4 "Mafecita" caught your attention,
the fact that I'm not longer "with gentleman",
the fact that I'm really tiny compared to you...

... does NOT give you the right to feel me, grab my butt or do whatever it was you were trying to do the other night... EWWWWW!!

The next time you try something like that, I will react REALLY violently and scream. That night I was really scared and the only thing I could think of doing was pulling myself away from you as fast as I could.
Another attempt like that and, oh yes, my lovely bodyguards will kick your ass. They've already warned you: "One signal from petite little Mafe and... you... are... dead"
Please show your hands at all times and if the lights go off, CLAP AND WHISTLE.

Are we clear?

Oh, and please, don't play dumb and don't ask why is it that I don't want to talk to you anymore.
It's not flattering, grow up.

And yes, don't bother and stop asking my roommate out for coffee, we girls talk about EVERYTHING and, honestly? she hates your guts.
Eres un cabron!


Keep talking... I'm listening.