Monday, September 24, 2012

The calorie count that doesn't count

I'm on a counting calories diet... booooooooring...

I'm supposed to eat between 1200 and 1350 calories per day with a goal to burn almost half of it at the gym. And, just so my diet sister knows, here's this semester's weekly train of exercise:

  • Spinning 3 days,
  • Boot camp 1 day,
  • Zumba and ballet classes 1 day each (yes, ballet - I know now how to releve, plie, grand plie and susu like a Black Swan. It's just that mine don't look like Natalie Portman's but Bjork's ...),
  • Racquetball and volleyball practices (with an almost-broken-wrist and my fingers swollen and purple after every volleyball practice/game. Ha! but according to my trainer - aka nemesis - my racquetball technique is getting better and better!),
  • Swimming 3 miles in 80 min once a week 3.5 miles in one hour twice a week.
... and that is, actually not that bad.

Here's the bad thing: OKTOBERFEST.

According to the app, the number of calories on an Apple Strudle is 290 and 425 on a Cheese Strudel, add those two and I'm more than halfway my daily calorie intake.

The problem is... I love strudel. Specially the one they sell during Oktoberfest here in Zinzinnati.

The ugly part of the problem is the fact that I used to share my strudels. Do I have to eat them all by myself now? Who's going to munch on them during the night? How am I supposed to wake up the next day and find each slice almost gone? It's not pretty...

What if I buy a mini slice of each flavor and mourn eat it and don't think.

It doesn't matter how many calories are there, or how will I burn them.
I just can't see myself doing it.
It doesn't feel right.
Karma's a bitch


  1. Por que tan poquitas mafe??? 1200 es muy poquito.

    Comete tu strudel sin problemas y disfrutalo, mafe Oktoberfest es solo una vez al ano!

  2. One thing i love about myself is that i don't understand (i dont want to) calories! I jsuto love food!

    So, good luck on your diet!!! but i can't be your buddy on that one :)


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