Friday, August 3, 2012

Strike one, two, three... and four.

When you become single after [undisclosed number so I won't feel so bad] years of living with a cool dude most people like (ugh), you find out that some of your friends can't picture you as a single-single-single-really?-you?-single?-single lady.

So, those friends will see a prospective life-partner in each male specimen that walks into your scene. Problem is... after a while, you start believing, like them, that every man that walks by and asks you for directions is really dying to meet you because you are "THE ONE".

Go figure.

So, batter up!

Bachelor No. 1: You meet at a dinner party at a friend's house. You two start talking and by the third appetizer tray you end up talking about how you two like this very particular author. He makes a comment about how the guy will be in the city signing his most recent novel and you two make plans to go see him together... two hours later, you're Facebook friends and let the world know that you two, indeed, will attend the book signing. Your friends are excited and you don't understand why.
The guy is 5 years younger than you.
You are now, a cougar.

Bachelor No. 2: You see him at the entrance of the restaurant where you two are meeting the same group of friends. He's funny, you both like the same type of food and make fun of the same people at the dinner table; not bad for his type. You two have the same academic background so there's lots of conversation. Once he leaves, your mutual friend is smiling and smirking and telling you that "oh my God! he likes you! he's totally into you! I've never seen him talk to a girl like that!!".
Of course, you don't believe it, but that sets a weird image in your head and deep down in your brain you think that it might be true.
Half an hour later you're home, turn on your computer and find that he requested you as a friend on Facebook.
You scream and hide under the covers because maybe he can see you.
You are now, stupid.

Bachelor No. 3: You meet at a concert at a retirement home, because now you do weird stuff you didn't do before and you volunteer for good causes and things like that, blah, blah, blah. He's super smart, super funny, he's kinda cute, he's a short divorced Latino and he looks a whole lot like the one you left a couple of months ago BUT you pretend not to notice. You start making fun of each other and start laughing so hard you almost get kicked out of the place in between the Allegro and Andante of whatever it is their playing... or was it singing? Anyway, you don't care. You two leave the concert room and keep talking and laughing. Not bad. Not bad at all.
After the concert, there's coffee and cookies for the old folks, and more music of course: salsa and merengue!
As good Latinos you two jump to the dance floor and swing the nigh--- afternoon away. Oh... the joy! exchange numbers, emails, and since he doesn't live in the same city (bummer!) you two promise to have a beer the next time he's in town. You don't like beer but... mmmeh.
One week later, you're driving on a parking lot and while looking for a parking spot... you run the guy over, or almost ran the guy over? that part is a blur.
You are now, a wanted criminal.

Bachelor No. 4: You know him from years and years before, you know him well. He doesn't live in the same city as you do. He's one of your best friends but you never saw him "that way before". After all, you were unavailable. But you are single now, and so is he.
You start talking more often than you did before, texting back and forth, emails come and go, he's the shoulder you cry on, he calls to check on your mood, you "accidentally" run into each other on Skype several times a week, he compliments you on how cute you look wearing your pink sheep pajamas and you mention how good he looks after a night at the gym, you talk about how fun it would be to see each other again and... awww... it's nice.
You find yourself thinking about a lot him and... he's funny, smart, ho-- hot?!?! the full package? Tall, dark and handso--- wait, what? what is wrong with you Mafe???? Are we talking about about the same dude?! FOCUS!!!
He comes to visit for a couple of days and you go out for an after-lunch coffee, and the coffee turns into a couple of drinks, and the couple of drinks turn into dinner. Dinner turns into staring at the riverfront cuddling and walking around downtown holding hands, and then... you can't stop smiling. You're the only woman in the world when you're with him.
After a couple of days he leaves and you realize how stupidly blind you've been ALL THIS YEARS for not seeing what you had in front of you ALL THIS YEARS.
You are now...

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