Sunday, December 9, 2012

A new verb


Stupid Facebook, you're making people do weird things.

As far as I know, three people have "unfriended" me:
  • One of my best friends from HighSchool. She was not contributing much to my life and in the end she, after calling me "the sister she always wanted" decided that I wasn't good enough to spend 2 minutes with. She surprised me with an invitation to her wedding two days before and expected me to show up all smiles. Mmmm... no, I have a little pride. Didn't happen. That one didn't hurt.
  • One whore-ish girl who... blah, I was trying to do the "keep your friends close but your enemies closer", and I guess she couldn't handle seeing me happy; so she blocked me. That one felt good!
  • The really painfully smart, funny and handsome dude that hurt me... bad. And I know in this rush of being "normal again" I hurt him... bad. I'm sure neither one of us meant it, but we did. He's someone who I never imagined could punished me for life. Being honest, I never imagined being deleted from his personal history was going to hurt, but as a matter of fact it did. It still hurts really... pretty... bad.

[Sad puppy face.. wipes a tear and keeps writing...]

So far, I've unfriended two people from facebook...
  • My former adviser, we had a bad fight before he fired and threatened to deport me so... no thanks man!
  • His wife... duh!

Today, I unfriended three more people, with a strong heart and a shaky hand. They are really nice, didn't do anything bad but knowing about their lives was bringing more tears than joy.

I'm sorry.
I need to leave without explanations, I have to disappear from your lives and make you disappear from mine, you've been nice and I don't have anything against you. You've wished nothing but good.

Honestly, I have to learn to be a little bit more selfish and stop worrying too much about others.
I can't walk straight into a bright new future carrying the dead load of a past that's not coming back.

I'm moving on.

[No more tears, the last 24 hours have been a Christmas nightmare and I deserve better.]


  1. Laugh whatever you want, but I just watched Oprah last night (now laugh.... now serious again), and because she said something that got sicked in my head, and after she said it, I just realized it was the thing I needed to hear, here it is:
    "To forgive, is give up the hope that the past could have been different"
    So, sumercé, is time to unfriend, let go, forgive and move forward... but for real.

  2. No more tears, no more tears. You deserve better


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