Saturday, December 1, 2012

Roomie talk (iii)

Her: So, how was your night out with the boys?
Me: Fun, nothing big... oh, btw, I'm getting married.
Her: Cool. Who's the lucky guy?
Me: This guy...
Her: That's nice, I've always liked him... was he drunk?
Me: What makes you think a guy has to be drunk to propose to me??
Her: Why are you marring him then?
Me: I told him I needed a green card so he proposed.
Her: There's a thoughtful guy!
Me: Yeah, we're going to elope, you're going to be the only witness.
Her: Obviously!

[two hours later]

Her: Hey, you're NOT REALLY marrying that guy, right?
Me:  -.-
Her: Just checking...

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