Sunday, December 2, 2012

To tree or not to tree

The other night, the roomie and I were debating about Xmas decorations: trees, lights and all those pretty things we are supposed to hang around the apartment during this time of year.

I’ve always been a crazy-Xmas-fan but a psycho when it comes to when Xmas celebration starts.
The only rule I follow is: NO DECORATIONS BEFORE DECEMBER 1st!!

I want my new place to look beautiful for the Holidays, we’re two single girls with excellent decoration taste. We’re expected to have an amazing home, right?

Last year, I got a beautiful and tall tree as a Xmas surprise, it was full of white lights, pine cones; red, green and white colors; a gorgeous tree topper in the shape of a rustic angel and a base cover that looked like the one my mom made for the one back home… and bows, lots of big red bows, all of them hand-made… made by me and… the guy that gave me the tree as a present.
Our house smelled like Xmas because the pine cones were fresh. Fresh from "Walmart", but smelled like the real deal.
This year I won’t have my tree. I had to leave it along with a part of my heart that’s still healing from being broken into a million pieces.

I don't want to miss my tree. I don't want to be sad because I miss my tree anymore.

If I think about it, my life should be like Xmas this year: everything brand new, with a tree that I got by MYSELF for MYSELF. Its size, color, smell, decorations... everything like MAFE wants it. Nobody else will have a saying on MY tree [well, nobody but the rommie and Mafe].
It'll fit MY space, with the things that I want, not too much, not too little.

So, if I decide to get a tacky pink tree with tacky purple lights and tacky cheap "Barbie-wanna-be" dolls hanging from the branches... it'll be MY problem.
Oh yeah, that'll be a problem.... ew!

Mafe, Mafe, Mafe... just because you want a nice tree doesn't mean that you are going to settle for the first pink horrible thing that walks by.

It's a good thing trees don't walk.

... wait... what was I talking about?

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