Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Suco de Maracujá

Maracujá/Maracuyá is Portuguese/Spanish for Passion Fruit.
Suco de Maracujá is Portuguese for Passion Fruit Juice.

Yesterday I had to stand in front of my advising committee and defend my research proposal. After talking, talking, talking, talking and answering questions for one and a half hours [say whaaat?!?!?!] and then hearing them TRASH my topic for 30 minutes [ouch!]... it was cool to hear those three men talk about me, as if I was not in the room and say:

Guy No. 1: "Evidently, she wants to do something out of OUR comfort zone. That's brave".
Guy No. 2: "She's interesting".
Guy No. 3: "She's full of passion, it's comforting to hear somebody talk with so much passion".

And THERE!!... RIGHT THEN!!! At that moment I knew the deal was sealed!

Yes! this little juicy passion fruit is signed, sealed and delivered!!

Proposal approved. Me happy.

One teeny-tiny step for mankind, one HUGE step for Smurfette.

FYI: No, I didn't come up with the Maracuyá thing, it was one of my sister's. When I called her about the good news, all she said was: I'm ssssoooo proud of my PASSION FRUIT big sister!!!


  1. Jajajaja, oops sorry I mean, Hahahahahaah, you and your metaphors!
    Go passion-fruit-juice you are almost there!!!
    Good brave girl!


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