Monday, February 25, 2013

I've written about this already

I did! A long time ago, in another life actually.

Here's the thing:
I hate snow-ball-yes--fine people.

I learned, a long time ago, in another life, that you must always answer the following question as honest as possible:

Are you ok?

Yeah, for guys, this is a weird statement. Duh! of course! How else would you answer that?!?!

But for girls... oh hell... us girls, we are STUPID.
Or some of you are, like I used to be, STUPID.

We think the world can read our minds and pouts and faces and, NO, it's not going to happen.

If someone asks you something like that, it's because, in fact, it seems something's wrong with you. That bitchy attitude does not come for free. That hate expression in your face is not normal and... well, don't get me started on the hard stumping around the house.
The person that blurted the question, call him boyfriend, husband, father, girlfriend... is being brave enough to ask if there is something going on in your twisted little head. The least you can do, as an act of decency is reply as honestly as you can... don't just look to the heavens above and say:

Yes... fine...


Listen, I'm very girly, and I used to be like that but trust me I also learned, a long time ago that "faking it" only works when the guy needs a confidence boost but you have to wake up early the day after.

People cannot read minds and, guess what?'s waiting list for Crystal balls is as long as hell and delayed as luggage on an international trip on Christmas Eve. So, do the world a favor and answer that stupid question as honestly as you can.

Oh, but if you don't think I'm right, you can make things funky:

If you DO decide to keep lying, please, please DO let pain accumulate and DO let a snow-ball of hate grow into your head. Yeah, that would make everything much better.
Yes, lie and blame the world for whatever is making YOU unhappy.
That's the best thing you can do to make your life easier and annoy everyone around you.

Keep up the good work!

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