Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mr. Big (ii)


So... flat and basic, is that how you're rolling now?
Flat and basic?
Yeah... flat.
Are you calling me FLAT?
Woah! I'm not saying that YOU are flat! Never!
I don't get it.
You . are . not . FLAT.
Oh?... oooooohhh... nooo dude! I've lost weight in all the right places, except THERE. 
Honestly, one of these days if I lose my balance I'll land flat on my face.
I'm serious!
Is your mass center higher than it used to be?
HAAAAAAAA!!!! you mean, when it rains your feet don't get wet?
Something like that...
Or... when it...
Coooooooooool it. I get it, YOU get it, we ALL get it...


Keep talking... I'm listening.