Sunday, June 16, 2013

Growing up

Growing up, deciding what the course of your life will be.
Growing up, being scared of what's to come.
Growing up, saying good-bye to teddy bears.
Growing up, making fun of your own stupidity.
Growing up, pitying those who enjoy your suffering.
Growing up, understanding you're stronger than you ever thought you were.
Growing up, calling yourself "better" than those who are truly NOT better than you.
Growing up, finding a place to call your own.
Growing up, learning the true meaning of the words FAMILY, FRIENDS, WORK and LOVE.
Growing up, letting go.
Growing up, not looking back.
Growing up, learning to flirt without being a bitch.
Growing up, being a bitch without regrets.
Growing up, becoming a witch.
Growing up, staring at your naked body in the mirror and smiling.
Growing up, wearing tiny thongs under shorty-short-shorts.
Growing up, sleeping in your undies on a hot summer night.
Growing up, walking calmly in the rain without an umbrella.
Growing up, talking about politics, sports, women and sex with friends that happen to be men.
Growing up, thinking about starting a family someday.
Growing up, changing a Friday night out partying for a Skype chat with your geekiest friends.
Growing up, learning how much Vodka your body can handle.
Growing up, going beyond your Vodka limit on purpose.
Growing up, knowing you don't need anyone to make you happy.
Growing up, wanting to have someone by your side to share your adventures.
Growing up, enjoying a glass of Whiskey with a poet.
Growing up, going to the movies by yourself.
Growing up, partnering up with a friend for a whore-house-with-free-wifi business plan.
Growing up, painting your nails and toenails with colors that match your mood and not your clothes.
Growing up, being brave and saying "I miss you. I love you. Come back to me" knowing your chances are slight to none.
Growing up, uncovering the scars in your soul.
Growing up, putting your favorite wines and fine cheeses in your grocery list.
Growing up, keeping wine and beer at home, just because you like them.
Growing up, wishing there's someone, somewhere peeking into your life.
Growing up, being able to say what's inside your heart without regrets.
Growing up, discovering you became someone's nemesis and cracking up.
Growing up, enjoying your wet dreams.

Growing up, growing out of your own skin.


  1. It wasn't actually Skype, but we all got the message. Mafe: get a life.

    1. We both know this is just you being surprised by how I won your own game under the influence of too much alcoho--- oh God, I DO need a life :P

  2. Do tell what is this "partnering up with a friend for a whore-house-with-free-wifi business plan" and how do I get to participate! :D


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