Thursday, June 13, 2013

I've found my Justin Bieber

... not because he's a good singer, or a good person, or anyone to be considered a role model BUT... I've found my Justin Bieber.

You know? that artist that you are willing to go "the distance" to see him LIVE, pay no matter how much tickets are because he's super HOT and once you're are the place you get nervous and as soon as he jumps on stage you become one of those 12-year-old screaming brainless pre-teens??

Yes, I found my Justin Bieber.

Last night Shelley and I drove 2 hours to Columbus (rush hour... ugh!) and 2 hours back to see Juanes in concert.
As part of our "Girls just wanna have fun PLUS we are two single girls who need some eye candy from time to time not because Cincinnati's male market is not good enough but we are surely looking for something outside the state lines" plan... we went the the Palace Theater in Columbus and behaved as any preteen would do so at a Justin Bieber or what's-their-name-One-Direction-maybe-? concert.

Yes, we screamed, we cried, we jumped and danced and lost our voices and were not able to wake up the next day.

One of our guy friends offered to go with us to keep us company but, honestly, I'm pretty sure he wanted to go from the very beginning.
Note to self: I love my friends!!

We were sitting a couple of feet away from the stage  and... OH MY GOD!! yes, that hunky piece of meat is H-O-T.

We sang screamed and danced every single one of the songs and whenever he came close and touched another girl's hand we would scream:
ME! ME! ME!! 

We cried when our love songs were playing... we held hands and hugged each other... stupid us.

Yes, just like your average preteen, I fought a security guard who tried to take my cellphone, just because I was trying to take a picture.. WTF?!?! yes, I can recall screaming in the middle of the concert to a guard: "You stupid son of a %^&*!! I didn't paid MY ticket to take pictures of your a$$!!".
Oh man... I honestly hope my mom doesn't read this!

My cellphone died 10 minutes after (go figure) so I had to youtube the experience.
I'm pretty sure Shelly got some good pictures while I was fighting "the man".

This is, pretty much, what the concert was like. We were standing front and center to the stage... super close. If you can see in the a couple of crazies in black t-shirts, jeans and pony tails jumping and screaming like someone is ripping out one of their legs... that's us.

For one night I became a teenager and I'm proud of it.

Thursday night I'm going to play dress-up, put on a little black dress, super high heels and go to the opera so... yeap.


  1. your plan has a really long name, you should consider a shortening.
    and yay! Mafe is a Juaneslieber :P

  2. Pero por qué Justin Bieber. Pobre Juanes.


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