Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nemo goes rogue

This past Friday two guy-friends, D and G, took Shelley and I out to play pool because they were going to teach us how to... or so they thought.

Mafe wins the fist game:

Well, look at you! you learn fast. Congratulations!!
Yay me!!!!!

Mafe wins the second game by fantasy-jumping for the 8-ball ...

You... are... a... SHARK!!!
Say whaaaaat??!?!
You're a "Pool Shark"
What are you talking about? I'm a baby guppy.
"Pool Shark" a horribly good player that pretends NOT to know how to lower everyone else's guard.
Nah... beginner's luck.
Beginner's luck could get you a couple of dollars... this just got you 2 glasses of wine, a cocktail, a mega burger, chicken wings, french fries, ice cream and cheesecake. You are a SHARK.

Mafe wins the third game:

Be honest, how long have you been playing?
[sigh]... My dad and my grandfather taught me when I was six and we had a Pool table at the Summer house. My sisters and I use to trick people into thinking they could beat us, also, when I was in College always won to---
Dude, I won, fair and square. You guys wanted to teach little ol' me... you never asked if I knew how to play.
That's the exact meaning of the expression "Pool Shark": draw us in and then bite our heads off!
Don't be a cry baby. Next game: all or nothing. What do you say??
You're on.

And right after I won the forth game...

Don't... no.... not.... NO! get away from me. Don't talk to me.
Pffffffffff!!! How is that name that you want to call me? Nemo?
No. No. No. No... I am Nemo. You are Moby Dick!!
That's a whale, not a sha---- WAIT!! ARE YOU CALLING ME FAT?!?!
Ohhhh-nononononono! I'M THE VICTIM HERE!!


  1. Juaaaaaaaaa you ar eso mean!!!! that is hilarious!!!

    1. You should've seen me this past Friday... did the same thing to a bunch of Chinese chauvinistic pigs.

      They were trying to teach me as I was trying to NOT poke their eyes out when they said my first 5 victories were "one long lucky strike" and all those impossible shots were because the table was crooked.

      D&G were sooooo proud of me. :)


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