Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A smashing reality

I cracked my head open a couple of months ago. Three stitches on my forehead, bruises and a sore body.
Today, all that's left is a Harry Potter scar I've learned to ignore and disguise with make-up. The doctor said it'll go away with time.

Time heals all wounds.

It better be true.

Today, I ran into this annoying dude who thinks TOO much of himself.
He used to wear tight skinny jeans... burgundy and mustard color skinny jeans. Ugh!!
We I used to make fun of him and his accent. And his teeth... pfff!! disgusting. How can anyone like something like that!?!?!

Today I ran into him. He was wearing skinny jeans.

Dark blue skinny jeans.

... and a super tiny tight Batman t-shirt.

I wanted to take a picture and send it to someone to share the laughs, but then again... dead people don't talk.

And once again, I smashed my face against reality.

I wonder how many stitches will my brain and my heart need to get used to a reality that's getting too hard to get used to.


  1. Dude!, what about the rest of us!, send me the picture!!!! We can laugh as well you know? Build new memories, new "who to send this" kind of stuff!

    1. Got your number on my whastapp list.
      Promise you'll sent some as well ;)


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