Monday, October 7, 2013

Mr. Big (iv)

So... you made the girl cry.
I did.
On purpose, I bet.
You're mean.
No, I'm not! Besides, it was at the end of the party.
Hahahaha!!! so that makes it better?
No!!!!!! But... it's... less... ummmm... bad?
Oh my God!! are you serious?!?!
Dude, I didn't mean to.
I bet you had it planned all along.
Uhhhhh... sort of?
You bitch!
I bet she's thinking the same thing... 
So, you waited until the last minute to make her miserable... that's classy.
Listen, dinner was boring and I wanted to leave. I HAD to say good-bye and... one thing led to another.
I cannot believe you just said that.
So what? you left and she was all alone at the restaurant ready to jump off a cliff?
Nah... she was with all her amazing French, fancy friends who are not assholes... like me.
What happened to you!?!? it's like you don't have feelings anymore!! You're mean!!
I don't know. I'm just putting useless junk out of my way, I guess.
I know... I'm sorry?

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