Friday, November 8, 2013

Mr. Big (vi)

[driving... somewhere between Ann Harbor and Cincinnati...]

This is weird.
THIS... you sitting on the passenger's seat... me driving... it's awkward.
What do you mean? we've done it before.
But it feels awkward this time.
I don't know... this is your territory, not mine.
You're being weird.
I'm not BEING weird... it FEELS weird.
You're weird.

Have you noticed the thing with the music?
What thing with the music?
It's MY iPod, but YOU are the one that sings to every single song.
Are you doing one of your weird experiments on me?
I'm just saying... you've been singing every single one of the songs on my iPod.
Oh please! not every single one.
Every - single - one
Play the next one ------------ oh yeah, I know that one.
Neeeeeeext! wait... you see? I don't kn--- oh wait... I do.
You're creeping me out dudette.
Neeeeeeext --- now, no, that one's not--- oh yeah.
It's going to be a long 5 hours in this car.
But at least we'll be singing, right?!?!
Did you blacked out the last 2 minutes of conversarion?!?!?

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