Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yakamatsu (iv)

I went to the library to rent some DVDs (yes, I do that, I'm old-fashioned like that) and I found "The Iron Lady" on the shelves. Yakamatsu girl went with me.
I've wanted to watch that movie for some time so... well...

Looooook! I love this woman [Meryl Streep]. Nice! 
Is it good?
Well, look at the title!
"Iron lady"... what is it about?
Ummmm... about the Iron lady?
Who's that?
Mar ---- wait ---- what?? ----Margareth Thatcher!
Who's that?
Only... female... Prime Minister... England... ever?
Really? I didn't know that!
She died early this year. It was all over the news...
Really?!?!?! Never heard of her.
I'll take "The Emperor's New Groove" as well, we can watch it together.
Is that a documentary?
Oh dear Lord...

Last night, I stayed home and watch a movie (duh! I can't go out...). 
She decided to join.
She specifically asked to watch "Iron Lady".
Ok, let's educate her.

Just so you know "Iron Lady" is not a movie about "Iron Man"'s mother.
Iron Man? you know... from The Avengers?
The Avengers... Hulk, Captain America, Hawk-eye, Black Wido--- no?
Never heard of them.
How do you do that!?!?!
Nothing. It's my fault. I like these super hero movies no one watches.
It's ok. We all like some things no one knows about.

Half-way through the movie...

Oh look! The dancing with Reagan scene! I remember watching that on the news with my grandpa a loooong time ago! I can't believe it. They even found a guy that looks like him!
Like who?!?!
Ronald Reagan.
Former US president?
I don't know who that is.
[Oh... fuck it! Why bother?]


  1. There's some people who lives under a rock. One of them is Patrick Star, the other, you roomie!

    1. As Patrick Star would say:
      "Roses are red, violets are blue. I have to go to the bathroom".

  2. Ok, so I have to ask. What does she do for a living? C'mon how did she survived her childhood?

    1. Musician... a flautist.
      Lolo, about her childhood. I'm afraid to ask.
      I am now quartered in my own apartment and she doesn't go out much.
      We've been interacting waaaaay more this past weeks. My scientist self would say: "I have data coming out my ears!!"

  3. Mafe, no es por nada pero en las películas de extraterrestres, los que llegan a vivir a la tierra disfrazados de humanos sin competente clueless como tu roomate. Ahí te dejo la inquietud

    1. *completamente. Saludos del autocorrector

    2. Como estoy enclaustrada sin poder salir de la casa he llegado al punto en que ahora cada vez que mi vecino del edificio de atras me ve por la ventana sentada trabajando en el comedor y ella esta al frente me llama a verificar si sigo con vida o soy un zombie... aunque yo creo que llama a preguntar con que mas estupideces ha salido y reirse un rato.

      Le dije que se la iba a mandar en bandeja de plata y un moñito para que la educara en los bellos artes de la interaccion macho-femina y me dijo:
      "Noooo! Si ve? Eso me pasa por buena gente! Nonononono! Guacala!


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