Saturday, November 16, 2013

What's in my bed?

You know that old saying "you never know what you have until you lose it"?

Well, I learned that, the hard way... with my bed.

I had a bed, a normal bed, nothing fancy, just a frame with wheels and a mattress... very un-orthopedic, nothing custom made but...  it was MY bed and I loved it.
It kept my sleepy nights and snoring mornings since I got here until a couple of years ago when it was "too uncomfortable" for someone else and we got rid of it to make room for the Nimbus 2000 of beds. To be honest, I didn't like it. It was too stiff and TOO big.
Then, when I moved back to Cincinnati I had nothing. No mattress and no frame.

No job and no money meant no bed.
I spent my first months here sleeping on a child's mattress.
I went from a super king size bed... to a child's mattress... on the floor.

After that, some friends bough a new mattress and were nice enough to give me the old one.
My old landlord had a bed box spring and gave it to me.
I went to good-will and found an old frame for a couple of bucks (literarily $5) and... voila! I had a bed.

But NOW? now I have a nice mattress just like I like it!
A real bed, with drawers underneath to keep my shoes.
I have pillows!!! lots of colorful pillows for my new bed.
The old sheets are all gone, I don't want them anymore.
I have a huge, heavy and super cozy feather comforter where I dive every time I feel like it.

With the old rinky-dink bed I didn't have any problems getting up and going to work every day.
With the new bed I don't want to get out of it.

Good thing I been quartered at home for the last month, even though I can't leave my apartment I don't mind staying in bed aaaaaaaaaaall day and aaaaaaaaaaaall night.

What's in my bed?
A happy and slowly recovered Mafe.

And now, if you'll excuse me, yes, it's Saturday, noon... and I'm going back to bed. Doctor's orders.

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