Wednesday, November 20, 2013

That time of the month

Well, actually, that time in YOUR LIFE.

When you feel a bump.

It happened a couple of weeks ago while I was showering. I felt it.
I thought it was going to go away, I thought it was a mosquito bite but didn't go away.
I thought it was a rash or an allergy but didn't go away.

I was petrified.
The only two people who knew about it were Mr. Big and Shelley, why scare other people? I'm scared enough for all of them already.

How is a bump on your breasts supposed to look like? dark? pink? green? blue? is it supposed to shine in the dark?
How is it suppose to feel like?
Is it supposed to smell? Mine didn't
How big? how small? How big is big and how small is small?
Is it supposed to itch or hurt? Mine did.

I had so much on my plate at the time and I was so scared I was hoping it would go away. But it didn't.

To be honest what I thought it was weeks and weeks was just a couple of days.
I went to the doctor and she said she didn't want to do any "intrusive" examination, tech words for a biopsy... A BIOPSY!!! (WTF?!?!) until she was sure the bump wasn't something superficial and due to my stress levels.
Her first theory is that it could be just a skin infection I caught while shaving and it could go away with antibiotics. The bump could be a lymph node reacting to it.
My nervous system was all messed up with "life".
My blood pressure was waaaaaaaaaay beyond my normal limits and well...

Fingers crossed baby Jesus?

So, I went home with a bunch of pills and the promise to take 2 a day for 2 weeks, a special diet "just in case" and no alcohol in all its shapes, sizes and colors and... really doctor? I'm not supposed to worry but you're making me take 28 of I-don't-remember-their-name pills and... really?!!?!?!

The bump disappeared and some of the freaking out went away.
Still, I had to postpone the check-up appointment because.. well... "life" happened and I was unavailable and in hiding for 3 weeks.

Today, I went back.
The doctor was waiting for me. I got there and she was AT THE DOOR, waiting for me.
Oh my God...
She skipped me through triage and took me straight to a examining room.
Oh my God...
She asked me if I mind one of her students watching her examine me and my boobs.
Sure, I guess.
They took some blood samples, just because. They were back in a couple of minutes.
Everything was normal.
Yes, it was just a Lymph node, just an infection.
My blood pressure is now even below my standard levels, which is actually good because my "standard" was a little above healthy so, good!

Why the secrecy and all the fuss?
Apparently, her student had a test but the doctor wanted her to see my entire examination because checking for breast bumps doesn't happen everyday.

Well, it turned out to be nothing.
Thankfully I'm healthy.
Yes, thankfully it was nothing.
I apologized to the doctor about all this being nothing and she said: "You don't have to apologize, if something is not healthy, we need to fix it. Most importantly when it comes to something as horrible as Cancer (ugh! she said it!!!). No need for apologizes, I'm glad you came. Most women don't react and when they do, it's too late".

The sooner you're diagnosed, the sooner you can start treatment.

Love your boobs, I know I love mine...

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