Thursday, January 22, 2015

I quit

That's what I told my big BIG boss about two weeks ago.
I started not to like my contractor's job or the supervisor's attitude, feeling like my work there was taking me nowhere, far away from hapiness.

Yes, I was still an independent urban planner/engineer, and I was just a part-time contractor there but hey... I'm not there for the money (alone), or for the "let's keep in touch, buddy!". I want to go places!

So yeah, I quit.
I sat along two of the big people in charge and quit.

Call me an a$$hole, I actually asked them for recommendation letters to take to new job prospects.

They said they'll given them to me. "We'll call you tomorrow to make sure all's well", they said before leaving.
I went home, with a little bit of luck they'll find something nice to say about me.
I thought I was going to be sad but I was actually proud of how brave I was and, honestly, how straightforward I was able to talk... a little badass! hell yeah, baby!

The next day I went out for coffe with Anycas and Mapicava when I got a call from one of them:
Mafe, are you sitting down?
Are you sitting down?
Ummm... I am. What's going on?
You're hired.
Whhhh--- huh!?!?!
You're our new full-time --- and everything went blurry after this sentence ---

So yeah, I went from an "I quit", to a "You're hired full time" in less than 36 hours, in the same company.

According to Mr. Big, in the last 3 years, every January has become a month of HUMONGOUS changes in my life. All of them looked like jumps off cliffs at their moments but turned out to be starting points of incredible adventures.

This adventure started two weeks ago, I haven't have much sleep since then but I've never been happier.
My dreamed job was waiting for me, and I had to crawl, scratch and bite to get it, but I got it.

2015, you started well. Keep them coming, I'm ready.

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