Sunday, April 28, 2013

Alone again

Yes, alone... at last.

The last couple of months have been a nightmare, so to speak.
The roommate, who started as a good friend, or as the "sister in pain" because she was, like me, surviving a hard separation; became a stranger. A stranger that I couldn't stand for more than a couple of minutes.

I know know what happened or when it happened.

If you listen to MY side of the story, I'll play the victim and she'll be the horrible bitch that left me hanging with a full rent per month and and half-empty apartment. A poor immature girl lacking of will power and no ability to stand for herself and the drama-drama-drama of a 15 year old teen ager with a decent paying income and a car. A little puppy that was trapped in a boring marriage and found out she could do more than that and more than one male companion.
Hey, I'm not judging, but the fact that some people were starting to believe that it was our apartment "family business", was not pretty. Despite everything that has happened to me, I'm still a good girl. I guess.

If you listen to HER side of the story, she ran away from a patronizing bitch who didn't let her make any decisions and in my constant efforts to please people I ended up putting my own life in danger. Or something like that. But I'm not. I guess.

Whatever happened, happened. She's gone. She moved out yesterday.

Now... I'm picking up the mess, literally.

Her definition of cleanning up was more of "surfacing".
Meaning, she'll just clean visible parts of the apartment. 
Meaning, Mafe had to clean everything else.

Last night, while I was out on a "no guy, this is not a date" date, she called me about coming home to clean up whatever she had messed up... at 11.00pm!!!!!! Can you say "owl-girl"? I said yes, but told her that I was already tired and didn't want to come home to a whole lot of noise and she'd better finished by the time I went back.
I guess she's a little-teeny-tiny right about the patronizing bitch part, huh?

Reorganizing. Filling the spaces where she took her furniture with my own... damn! I need living room stuff! and ha! she needs a dining table and chairs. Mine are too pretty to give away.
I've been cutting, snipping and pampering my plants. I've been neglecting them for a while. I haven't talked to them in a long time... or watered them. Oops!!! Even my little Petunia seems angry.

I finished a while ago and found out she took the plastic trash bag holder.
Stupid thought, I thought it was mine but I won't make a big deal out of it. That's the only thing I can think of right now.

I guess I'll finish the day sitting down on the... oh fuck! she took the sofa!!
As I was saying, I'll finish the day, sitting down on the floor, drinking some vino rosso and knitting myself a new trash bag holder, just because I can and I want to while I listen to... oh crap! she took the stereo!!!

Fine, I'll sit on the floor, with some wine, knitting and playing Pandora on my computer.... there!!

Alone again, reevaluating and thinking who I've become during the last 15 months.
Do I like the person I am today?
Where is the little whinny teary girl that arrived in Cincy 15 months ago?
She might be hiding on the Christmas tree box I just took downstairs.
Maybe she was in one of the old clothe bags I gave away last month because none of my old clothes fit anymore.
Hiding with the teddy bear collection I sent to Colombia last year?

One thing is for sure, she's not around anymore.

She didn't get a chance to say good-bye but I guess we were all getting tired of her, specially me.

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