Thursday, May 9, 2013

Baby talk (part trois)

I have two amazing "adopted" nephews, a couple of 6-year-old twins. I'll call them P&T.
They come to my house and play, and jump all over the place... and clean!
Can you believe than?!? their two favorite "toys" in my apartment are my Swiffer mop and my vacuum... I love those two little monsters!!!!!!
They play Frisbee better than anyone I know, and yes, they love their iPads.


M: Are we ready for ice cream?
P&T: Yessssssssssssssss!!!
M: Ok, get in the car.
P&T: How come you're driving daddy's car?
M: It's the one with your baby seats.
P&T: They're called GROWING YOUNG BOYS seats.
M: Oh... my bad.


(They met my cactus for the first time...) 
Careful little dudes! no touching... they're prickly!
No, they're no--- OWWWWW!!!
C'mon. Sit on the bed. I'll take those things out... let me get my tweezers.
No way!! you're not coming anywhere near us with those things.
Sit... down...
Sit... down...or I'll call your mom and she'll take them out.
O... k... let's not get violent... we're all friends here.

Ok, don't move...
It's not working!! It hurts!!
It's because I can't see... let me get my glasses...
(all better)
WOW... where can we find glasses like those?!?!?! Are those Iron Man's?!?!


Mommy told us you were going to help us move to our new apartment.
Yes, I am.
Don't you want to play with us instead?
Dudes, I promised your mom and dad I'll help.
They need big and strong people, like M and E... 
I'm big... and strong and all that. Don't you think?
Dude... you get scared with the Monkeys when we play "Temple Run".
Shut up and give me the iPad!!

Wouldn't you be terrified if something like THAT was chasing you?!?!

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