Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mr. Big (iii)

What's up little lady?
Remember how last weekend I got a new/old bike?
Well, this weekend I cleaned it, I fixed it and I bought a U-lock, not a chain... so it doesn't get stolen again and I have a new/old bike!!... AGAIN!!!!!
I'm going to give it a name, but I can't think of something catchy.
Nati calls hers "Orange Clockwork", Juglar mentioned "Grace", Maja calls hers "Enterprise" and suggested "Lucrecia" like the girl from The Borgias...
Lucrecia was my grandmother's name.
Ohhhh... oops?
How about Matilda!
Awwww... like it!
Oh no! wait!!! call her LEIA!!!
Say whaaaaaaaaaaat??? why?!?!?!
We called my new car Luke, we can call your new bike Leia!
That's nice!!
Of course.
I gave Luke a present... what are you going to give my Leia?
Let's just call it Matilda and be happy, ok?

So, to make things fun, LEIA LUCRECIA it is!!

Leia Lucrecia @ Mt Storm Park, Clifton.
Cincinnati, OH


Keep talking... I'm listening.